Easter Quiz

It’s a major holiday in the United States but how much do we really know about this holiday? Do you think you know everything there is to know about Easter? If you do, why not take this Easter Quiz and see how many questions you can answer correctly.

Which of these holidays is accompanied with the most sales of candy?

A: Easter
B: Christmas
C: Valentine's Day
D: Halloween

Answer: D
Approximately how many Easter bunnies are produced every year?

A: 22 Million
B: 45 Million
C: %8 Million
D: 90 Million

Answer: D
In the 1200s, the church said it was forbidden to eat what food during Holy Week?

A: Duck
B: Chicken
C: Eggs
D: Turkey

Answer: C
What color were the first Easter eggs dyed?

A: Red
B: Blue
C: Yellow
D: Green

Answer: A
The largest chocolate Easter egg was made Where?

A: Paris, France
B: Mexico City, Mexico
C: Tosca, Italy
D: Washington D.C.

Answer: C
What was the weight of the world's largest chocolate Easter egg?

A: 5, 291 lbs and 1.49 ounces
B: 10,582 lbs and 2.49 ounces
C: 15,873 lbs and 4.48 ounces
D: 21,164 lbs and 5.97 ounces

Answer: C
What was the circumference of the world's largest Easter egg?

A: 32 feet and 1.83 inches
B: 64 feet and 3.65 inches
C: 96 feet and 5.48 inches
D: 128 feet and 7.31 inches

Answer: B
How many jellybeans do Americans eat every year?

A: 16 Million
B: 32 Million
C: 48 Million
D: 60 Million

Answer: A
If you grew up in the United States, you probably have heard of the Easter Bunny. If you grew up in Westphalia, Germany, what animal is said to deliver the treats?

A: Bear
B: Gorilla
C: Bunny
D: Fox

Answer: D
How many marzipan balls are served on a Simnel Cake?

A: 6
B: 11
C: 22
D: 33

Answer: B
What do the Marzipan balls on a Simnel cake represent?

A: Nothing
B: The Commandments
C: The Deadly Sins
D: The Apostles

Answer: D
In the United States of America, how much is normally spent on Easter every year?

A: $131
B: $262
C: $393
D: $525

Answer: A
Which country in the world was the origin of the Easter Bunny?

A: France
B: Great Britain
C: Germany
D: Mexico

Answer: C
In Germany, The Easter Bunny was originally what type of animal?

A: Hare
B: Cottontail
C: Lop?
D: Bunny

Answer: A
In what country is Easter Island?

A: Germany
B: France
C: Italy
D: Chile

Answer: D
What year was the first White House Easter Egg Roll?

A: 1776
B: 1827
C: 1878
D: 1929

Answer: C
Who was the President in the United States of America during the first Easter Egg Roll?

A: George Washington
B: John Quincy Adams
C: Herbert Hoover
D: Rutherford B. Hayes

Answer: D
Which country has the largest egg museum in the World?

A: Gabon
B: Poland
C: Venezuela
D: Moldova

Answer: B
What is the most popular Easter candy in the United States of America?

A: Marshmallow Peeps
B: Cadbury Mini Eggs
C: Butterfinger Eggs
D: Rolo Easter Caramels

Answer: A
What year was Cadbury founded?

A: 1726
B: 1775
C: 1824
D: 1873

Answer: C
What year were Cadbury Creme Eggs intrdouced:?

A: 1824
B: 1963
C: 1890
D: 1935

Answer: B
In the Bible, how many days passed between Jesus' death and his resurrection?

A: Two
B: Three
C: Four
D: Five

Answer: B
What is the name of the Sunday before Easter Sunday?

A: Ash Sunday
B: Good Sunday
C: Palm Sunday
D: Holy Sunday

Answer: C
What is the 40 day period before Easter?

A: Lent
B: Epiphany
C: Advent
D: Pentecost

Answer: A
When Easter Eggs were first dyed, what did they represent?

A: The blood of the Apostles
B: The blood of Jesus Christ
C: The blood of the Sinners
D: Nothing

Answer: B
How many states consider Good Friday a holiday?

A: 6
B: 12
C: 18
D: 24

Answer: B
What should you buy for Easter if you want to have good luck?

A: Candy
B: Jewelry
C: New Clothes
D: Electronics

Answer: C
What country was the first country that started the tradition of dying Easter eggs?

A: India
B: Ukraine
C: Haiti
D: Yemen

Answer: B
Which President was the first President of the United States to introduce an Easter bunny to the White House Easter egg roll?

A: James K. Polk
B: Richard Nixon
C: William Henry Harrison
D: John F. Kennedy

Answer: B
Prior to 1953, How many hours was required to produce one marshmallow Peep?

A: 27 Hours
B: 18 Hours
C: 36 Hours
D: 9 Hours

Answer: A
How many Peeps are eaten by Americans every Easter?

A: 300 Million
B: 600 Million
C: 900 Million
D: One Billion

Answer: B
What part of a chocolate bunny do most Americans bite off first?

A: Feet
B: Body
C: Ears
D: Head

Answer: C
What determines the date of Easter?

A: The Sun
B: The Stars
C: The Moon
D: The Solar System

Answer: C
In Finland, What do children dress up as on Easter?

A: Vampires
B: Witches
C: Werewolves
D: Zombies

Answer: B
What Pagan Goddess is associated with Easter?

A: Ostara
B: Fortuna
C: Ma'at
D: Selene

Answer: A
What flower is a symbol for Easter?

A: Roses
B: Violets
C: Carnations
D: Lillies

Answer: D
Which state had the first appearance of the Easter bunny?

A: Texas
B: California
C: Pennsylvania
D: New York

Answer: C
What day of the Holy Week is to honor the Last Supper?

A: Ash Wednesday
B: Holy Thursday
C: Good Friday
D: Palm Sunday

Answer: B
In the Bible, who was the first person that entered the tomb of Jesus?

A: Paul
B: Peter
C: John
D: Luke

Answer: B
According to the Bible, What Jewish holiday is celebrated as the week consisting of Jesus' death and resurrection?

A: Rosh Hashanah
B: Yom Kippur
C: Passover
D: Hanukkah

Answer: C
How long does it take currently to produce one marshmallow Peep?

A: Six Minutes
B: Twelve Minutes
C: Eighteen Minutes
D: Twenty-Four Minutes

Answer: A

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