Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Quotes

saturday morning all star hits! quotes

Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Quotes – This original Netflix series brings a new look to Saturday morning cartoons. As a series that mixes live-action and animation, it has plenty of colorful characters. With more than two shows packed into this series, there are plenty of lines that stand out from various characters. These are some of the top Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Quotes we could list:

Top 10 Saturday Morning All Star Hits! Quotes

  • ‘It only gets weirder from here folks!”
    Cub E. Eastman in an interview on being a voice actor, Tape 5: News (Episode 5)
  • “I forgot to tell you one thing, Dr. K…. that I wish I was extinct”
    Randy after being dumped by his girlfriend, Tape 1: School (Episode 1)
  • “Wake up David, It’s cause he’s dumb. Dont you get it? When you’re dumb and do dumb stuff, the audience likes it because they’re really dumb”
    Brusho to David after they watch Pasto’s Show, Tape 4: Smash! (Episode 4)
  • “And that’s when I realized, growing up, all the insults would stick to me, because I’m glue. I’m nothing but glue”
    Pasto on his one man show, Tape 2: Lost (Episode 2)
  • “Yeah, Creative. You know what they say, you gotta make a big mess to find the masterpiece”
    David during his big corporate meeting with his superiors, Tape 1: School (Episode 1)
  • “Just admit it, human beings got lucky, Dinosaurs should have stayed on the planet”
    Randy ranting during a party, Tape 1: School (Episode 1)
  • “I mean, I’ve come to realize the modern world doesnt need creativity.Everything’s been done. It’s time we all moved on and wake up”
    Brusho to David’s wife, Ruth, Tape 4: Smash! (Episode 4)
  • “I speak of course, about the epidemic of the young people saying, ‘Shut Up’. Two awful word that have ruined the lives of many children, perhaps even your own”
    President of the Country, Barbara Barone giving a speech, Tape 7: DANGER (Episode 7)
  • “Less prominent brothers aren’t gonna max or relax anymore”
    Ethan Rash making a scene during a movie premier, Tape 8: LIVE! (Episode 8)
  • “Just keeping it spunkdified with extra nuzz on top”
    Skip making his debut as a main character on the Strongimals cartoon, Tape 3: ZOO (Episode 3)

Even More Interesting Lines from the Series

  • “Just be a worked bee or else I’ll throw you in the grave”
    The Letter B in David’s nightmare, Tape 2: Lost (Episode 2)
  • “Please Keep going, Mr. Clock. I promise I’ll never clobber your brother, the alarm clock when I don’t want to wake up”
    Lil Brucie begging the clock to go faster for summer vcation to arrive, Tape 4: Smash! (Episode 4)
  • “You know I used to get hit with a ruler for doing this, and now I get paid for it!”
    Cub E. Eastman in an interview on being a voice actor, Tape 5: News (Episode 5)
  • “Hey, my cool wordamadoos gave you a job”
    Skip in his confrontation with his twin Treybor in during his movie premier, Tape 8: LIVE! (Episode 8)
  • “Lottie Dottie… All I can do is hope they find her, and just keep making my music”
    Johnny Rash when being questioned on an actress’ disappearance, Tape 5: News (Episode 5)

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If you are curious about the show, have a look at its trailer here:

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