The Chevrolet Quiz

Do you think you know everything about Chevrolet, its car models, and its history? You might be surprised how much trivia and factual information you can still learn by completing this quiz! Hope you have a good time with it!


1. What was the first ever Chevrolet model?
a. Series C Classic Six
b. Chevelle
c. Cutlass
d. Series A Class I

Answer: A
2. Where was Chevrolet founded?
a. Flint, Michigan
b.Gary, Indiana
c.Detroit, Michigan
d. Cleveland, Ohio

Answer: C
3. What price was the first Chevy car sold for?
a. $1500
b. $2150
c. $2000

Answer: B
4. In what year did Chevy introduce the Corvette?
a. 1953
b. 1955
c. 1952
d. 1956

Answer: A
5. What is the longest running automotive nameplate in U.S. history?
a. Chevrolet Suburban
b. Chevrolet Corvair
c. Chevrolet Corvette
d. Chevrolet Chevelle

Answer: A
6. In what year was Chevrolet founded?
a. 1913
b. 1911
c. 1914
d. 1910

Answer: B
7. Who were the founders of Chevrolet?
a. Lawrence Chevrolet and William Durant
b. Louis Chevrolette and William Durante
c. Louis Chevrolet and William Durant
d. Lars Chevalier and William Durante

Answer: C
8. What was the top speed of the Series C Classic 6?
a. 60 mph
b. 65 mph
c. 55 mph
d. 68 mph

Answer: B
9. Who created the iconic Chevy bowtie logo?
a. Billy Doran
b. Bill Dante
c. Billy Durant
d. Billy Durante

Answer: C
10. What was the inspiration for the bowtie logo?
a. a display piece in a NYC jewelry store
b. an image seen in a newspaper in Virginia
c. bowtie-like wallpaper in a France hotel
d. a road intersection

Answer: B
11. What inspired Chevy to introduce the Turbo Titan II in the mid-1960's?
a. an engineering breakthrough
b. a popular sci-fi movie
c. U.S. space program
d. to match competitor's innovations

Answer: C
12. How long did Louis Chevrolet stay with the company?
a. two years
b. three years
c. seven years
d. five years

Answer: B
13. What did Chevy produce to help the World War II effort?
a. armored cars and trucks
b. airplane engines and parts
c. gun parts
d. all of the above

Answer: D
14. Where was Chevy's first factory located:
a. Lansing, Michigan
b. Chicago, Illinois
c. Flint, Michigan
d. Indianapolis, Indiana

Answer: C
15. In 1963, how many cars sold in the U.S. were Chevrolets?
a. One in 5
b. One in 20
c. One in 8
d.One in 10

Answer: D
16. Durant and Chevrolet started the company in 1911. In what year did Chevrolet overtake Ford as the best-selling U.S. car.
a. 1929
b. 1927
c. 1930
d. 1925

Answer: A
17. What was Louis Chevrolet's occupation before founding Chevrolet?
a. automotive engineer
b. race car driver
c. automotive engineer and race car driver
d. automotive executive officer

Answer: C
18. During which time period was the deluxe Chevrolet Impala series most popular?
a. 1960's
b. 1970's
c. 1960's and early 1970's
d. mid-1960's to mid=1970's

Answer: C
19. Which Chevy model was the basis for the Camaro?
a. Corvair
b. Nova
c. Chevelle
d. Vega

Answer: B
20. Which of the following was NOT a Chevy model?
a. Corsica
b. Citation
c. Corvair
d. Cordoba

Answer: D
21. What Chevy convertible introduced in 1950 was a surprisingly popular average car and became an iconic model loved by car enthusiasts?
a. Bel Air
b. Camaro
c. Two-Ten
d. Styleline DeLuxe

Answer: A
22. What was the initial code-name for the Camaro?
a. Stingray
b. Panther
c. Jaguar
d. Falcon

Answer: B
23. How many engine options did Camaro have when it first came out?
a. five
b. seven
c. four
d. three

Answer: B
24. In 2011 there was a limited-edition Camaro in a special Bordeaux red hue with "ghost" stripes offered by Neiman Marcus for $75,000. How long did it take to sell?
a. 30 minutes
b. 10 minutes
c. 3 minutes
d. 5 minutes

Answer: C
25. Which popular song does NOT include a Chevy reference?
a. Crocodile Rock - Elton John
b. American Pie - Don McLean
c. She's In Love with the Boy - Trisha Yearwood
d. Maggie May - Rod Stewart

Answer: D
26. Which Chevy model took the company's environmentally-friendly models to a new level?
a. Leaf
b. Bolt
c. Volt
d. Prius

Answer: B
27. What was the last year that a two-door Chevy Impala was available?
a. 1969
b. 1975
c. 1983
d. 1985

Answer: D
28. Where was the shift lever located on Corvairs with automatics?
a. on the dashboard
b. on the steering column
c. on the floor
d. model never had automatics

Answer: A
29. What year did Chevrolet make pick-up trucks for Isuzu?
a. Never
b. 1992
c. 1989
d. 1994

Answer: A
Spoiler title
Answer: C
31. In what years was the Corvair made?
a. 1959 - 1968
b. 1960 - 1969
c. 1961 - 1968
d. 1962 - 1969

Answer: B
32. What was the first year that the Chevelle was available?
a. 1971
b. 1969
c. 1965
d. 1963

Answer: D
33. What Chevrolet model did consumer advocate Ralph Nader claim was unsafe at any speed?
a. El Camino
b. Citation
c. Corvair
d. Camaro

Answer: C
34. What was a 1950's nickname for the Chevy L6?
a. Thrifty 6
b. Stove Bolt 6
c. Power Stroke 6
d. Power Thrifty 6

Answer: B
35..What company used the name "Citation" before Chevy?
a. Edsel
b. Dodge
c. Packard
d. Studebaker

Answer: A
36.What company produced the Chevy Spectrum?
a. Suzuki
b. Daewoo
c. Toyota
d. Isuzu

Answer: D
37. Chevrolet once supplied engines for which failing auto maker?
a. Hudson
b. Studebaker
c. Packard
d. Kaiser-Frazer

Answer: D
38. What was the first year that the Chevy Citation was available?
d. 1981

Answer: B
39. What engine was never available in a Camaro?
a. 4.3 liter V-6
b. 2.5 liter L-4
c.. 3.8 liter V-6
d. 2.8 liter V-6

Answer: A
40. What was the first year the Impala was available?
a. 1957
b. 1960
c. 1958
d. 1959

Answer: C
Spoiler title
Answer: A
42. What model was the first front-wheel drive Chevy?
a. Nova
b. Cavalier
c. Celebrity
d. Citation

Answer: D
43. The first Chevrolet, a Series C Classic 6, sold for $2,152 in 1911. What would that amount be equivalent to in today's dollars?
a. $35,000
b. $50.000
c. $40,000
d. $48,000

Answer: B
44. In what year was the Chevrolet Sports Roadster released and Chevrolet was named brand of the year?
a. 1935
b. 1933
c. 1932
d. 1939

Answer: C
45. In 1914, which major events occurred at Chevrolet.
a. the famous bowtie emblem was created
b. Louis Chevrolet sold his shares to William Durant.
c. Chevrolet merged with General Motors and became a division of GM.
d. Both a and b

Answer: D
46. What major events took place for Chevy in 1948?
a. the company created its first sportscar called the Spilemaster Sinks
b. the car represented Chevrolet at the Indianapolis 500
c. the Chevy factory team won the longest motorsports event, rally la Caracas
d. all of the above

Answer: D

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