The Ford Quiz

Life without transportation, can you imagine it? What about a world of limited access to vehicles? Can you fathom how inconvenient everyday would be if automobiles are scarce? Thankfully in this present day we don’t have to suffer difficulties in travel. Its all thanks to Henry Ford an American industrialist that changed the manufacturing of automobiles forever.

What does it take to be an innovative genius? Do we you have the same mindset as Henry Ford in conceiving an a-Ford-able means of travel? How much do you know about this iconic company’s history? Test drive your brain on how familiar you are with the Ford Motor Company and its founder.

Part I: How are you similar to the bold entrepreneur Henry Ford?

1) Checking an item on sale you notice the price is too expensive. Knowing it is something everyone must have access to you would:
A. Ask the store owner for a discount.
B. Check out the nearest thrift shop.
C. Wait for the next big garage sale in the neighborhood.
D. Find a way to make it cheaper.

Answer: D
2) During class field trip you visit a automotive factory. A procedure caught your eye, when you raise your hand to ask a question it would be:
A. Ask about the detailed method of the procedure and get a brochure.
B. Seek permission to take a photo of your interest.
C. Whisper to your classmate 'That looks cool.'
D. I don't want to ask a question.

Answer: A
3) Having enough money to start up a business, the priority market in consideration would be:
A. The elite they can pay more.
B. Middle class because they drive the economy.
C. Nonprofit charity work is best.
D. I would rather save the money for retirement.

Answer: B
4) As your company expands and employs more people your philosophy to live by is:
A. Expensive products for higher profit.
B. Affordable products with low labor cost.
C. Reasonably priced goods and fair wages to workers
D Cheap products, aim for bulk sales to break even expenses.

Answer: C
5) In the quest for creative innovation you believe a person must possess:
A. Extreme curiosity and strong drive to make things happen.
B. Possess deep knowledge on the theory of things.
C. Be bold in experimenting.
D. A strong social network of people for resourcing.

Answer: A
6) In terms of business influence you would rather have the company as:
A. Keep it small for easier management and get by.
B. Expand it throughout the city for higher profit.
C. Market globally and contribute to the world economy.
D. Just go with the flow and make ends meet.

Answer: C

Part II. How much do you know the Ford brand?

7) Getting a chance to own a vintage car, your choice would be a:
A. Mustang
B. Challenger
C. Javelin
D. Camaro

Answer: A
8) Considering a family's growing needs and keep in budget the compact car is economical. As a Ford enthusiast you would most likely recommend to purchase:
A. Focus
B. Corolla
C. Elantra
D. Mazda 3

Answer: A
9) Ford taking in consideration the needs of everyday passengers introduced what to the busy streets in 1936?
A. Ford Model TT
B. Ford Transit Bus
C. Ford F series
D. Ford Ranger

Answer: B
10) Ford's main heavy duty compact pickup truck product name is:
A. Hilux
B. Everest
C. Ranger
D. Corolla

Answer: B
11) Ford Motors Company used to have a stake on the following companies except for one:
A. Jaguar
B. Volvo
C. Rolls Royce
D. Land Rover

Answer: C
12) As of date in the 21st century Ford compared to Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia and General motors is in what place?
A. Second place
B. Fifth place
C. First place
D. Third place

Answer: B
13) Fordism aims to provide the following but one of the following:
A. Systematic working standards.
B. Low-cost goods.
C. Decent wage for workers.
D. Reduce tariff.

Answer: D
14) Ford Research labs was able to invent the superconducting quantum interference device. It was simply known as:

Answer: A

Part III: Travel down memory lane in recalling Ford Motor Company’s significance in history.

15) During the financial crisis of the 21st century which president of the United States prevented Ford Motors collapse?
A. Barrack Obama
B. George W. Bush
C. Donald Trump
D. Bill Clinton

Answer: B
16) After the name Henry Ford Company, Ford Motors Company was also known as:
A. Cadillac Motor Company
B. Mustang Motor Company
C. Dodge Motor Company
D. Michigan Motor Company

Answer: A
17) The first moving assembly line introduced by Ford took operation in:
A. Roosevelt Warehouse, Michigan
B. Piquette Avenue, Michigan
C. Michigan Central Station
D. Highland Park, Michigan

Answer: D
Spoiler title
Answer: A
19) To cut cost and still promote profitability Ford Motors Company came up with the following strategy to resize the company:
A. Pay It Forward
B. The Way Forward
C. Go Forward
D. Forward to the Future

Answer: B
20) Henry Ford was how old when he founded the Ford Motor Company in 1903?
A. 25 years old
B. 30 years old
C. 39 years old
D. 42 years old

Answer: B
21) Ford also helped the industrialization of other countries, one of its beneficiary is Russia and the name of the factory is:
A. Gorky Automobile Plant
B. St. Petersburg Automobile Plant
C. Moscow Automobile Plant
D. Murino Automobile Plant

Answer: A
22) Henry Ford in his lifetime met another equally brilliant and innovative man. He actually got to work for this person too. He is no other than?
A. Alexander Graham Bell
B. Karl Bez
C. Thomas Alva Edison
D. Horace Dodge

Answer: C
23) The Ford Mustang was introduced during New York World's Fair, which equally iconic entertainment company made their display pavilion?
A. Universal Studios
B. The Walt Disney Company
C. Warner Bros Studios
D. Metro-Goldwyn Meyer

Answer: B
24) Ford Motor Company has philanthropic efforts toward education in the United States and around the world. This nonprofit branch goes by the name of:
A. Ford Motor Company Fund
B. Ford Monetary Fund
C. Ford Foundation
D. Pay it Forward


Congratulations on finishing the quiz!

Summing up your correct answers and dividing by 24 that is how knowledgeable you are of the Ford Motor Company.

The road to a-Ford-able transportation was long, but true to this day its significance still shines and the future of it is even brighter.

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