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The future

The futureAt present, I have 43 different categories with interesting quotes. These quotes are arranged in their respective categories that are fairly general. What I have discovered is that many people are searching for specific authors behind the many quotes. I therefore have decided to add authors behind the many quotes we know and use in our everyday life.

The time required to create this will probably be about some several hundreds of hours, although it´s a lot, I´m willing to sacrifice my free time to make this come true. My goal for 2107 is to add about 100 authors or more. As an example, I would add the following authors:

  • Maya Angelou quotes
  • Marilyn Monroe quotes
  • D r Seuss quotes
  • Bob Marley quotes
  • Drake quotes
  • Tupac quotes
  • Albert Einstein quotes
  • And many many more

These new quotes will not only come from real people in our world. I would also add the fictional characters from both films, plays and books. Here we can take the example as Yoda and Alice in wonderland.While I work on the new categories, you´re welcome to visit the love quotes, inspiration quotes or the funny quotes in the meantime.

Why do I do this

I have always liked to create things from scratch. Whether it is to destroy one of my father’s radio and try to see how it works inside or create my own fantasy story so I could tell it to my younger sister. It is creating something from nothing that has always fascinated me. You get a certain satisfaction at being able to create something without others help.

At the same time, I hope that one day I will be able to make a living on the website. It’s possible to monetize a website yes, but it is difficult. Many may ask how, because I don´t sell anything, nor can I promote other people’s products. However, there are other options to get a smaller income in and it is through advertising. I will of course add an appropriate amount of advertising so they do not annoy you as the visitor and do not block some of the quotes or the other elements on the website.

To get up early in the morning and get ready for work is something we all know, but there are other options. I see this opportunity to be my own boss. I am married to a wonderful women have two beautiful and sweet kids and I want to spend more time with them. However, when you have a regular job it´s not an option. If I were able to make a living from this website, as is my dream I would have much more time for everything else especially my family.

Don´t worry, I will of course still work on adding more quotes and updating the website regularly. The upside is that I would not have a boss who decided how I spent my hours and tell me what to do. This is a dream of mine I would invest several hundreds of hours to come true. That way, I could take my family on vacation without worrying because I would know that the website would automatically generate an income for me.

This is not a way to get rich, but if I do a good job of it, then it would be possible for me to live of the income. And I hope I would make it happen with time.
That’s all from me for now.
Have a great day.