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Do you think you could be the best Pokemon trainer in the world? If you are up to the challenge then take this Pokemon quiz and show your expertise. Are you a Pokemon trainer or a Pokemon trainee?

When did Pokemon Go come out?

A: July 2016
B: September 2017
C: April 2018
D: December 2020

Answer: A
How many species of Pokemon were originally in Pokemon Go when the game first came out?

A: 150
B: 200
C: 250
D: 300

Answer: A
Only one other game franchise has sold more games then Pokemon. What game franchise has sole more?

A: Grand Theft Auto
B: Mario
C: Zelda
D: Kirby

Answer: B
When was the first Pokemon franchise created?

A: 1990
B: 1995
C: 2000
D: 2005

Answer: B
Who created the Pokemon franchise?

A: Hideo Kojima
B: Satoshi Tajiri
C: Sid Meier
D: Ron Gilbert

Answer: B
What is the slogan of the Pokemon franchise?

A: Gotta Catch 'Em All
B: No One Left Behind
C: Semper Fi
D: It's Me, Mario

Answer: A
What words is Pokemon an abbreviation for?

A: Project Management
B: Private Message
C: Pocket Monsters
D: Prime Minister

Answer: C
What is Ash Ketchum's name in Japan?

A: Hideo
B: Satoshi
C: Yoshihiro
D: Akemi

Answer: B
What was the first Pokemon Ash had?

A: Charizard
B: Pikachu
C: Bulbasaur
D: Wartortle

Answer: B
Who gave Ash his first Pokemon?

A: Red
B: Professor Oak
C: Ethan
D: Brendan

Answer: B
What team is always trying to steal Pikachu from Ash?

A: Team Galactic
B: Team Rocket
C: Team Plasma
D: Team Flare

Answer: B
What was the first Pokemon that Ash caught?

A: Hypno
B: Igglybuff
C: Remoraid
D: Caterpie

Answer: D
In 2001, What island stamped Pikachu on coins issued by the government?

A: Bora Bora
B: Niue
C: Mo'orea
D: Rarotonga

Answer: B
What was the first game console to have a Pokemon game?

A: Game Boy
B: Nintendo
C: Super Nintendo
D: Game Boy Color

Answer: A
What is the difference between the male Pikachu and the female Pikachu?

A: Female's voice is higher
B: Spots are different between genders
C: Paws are different lengths between genders
D: The shape of the tail is different between genders

Answer: D
What person is the name "Hitmonlee" based on?

A: Jackie Chan
B: Brandon Lee
C: Bruce Lee
D: Chuck Norris

Answer: C
What is the most common type of Pokemon?

A: Fire
B: Grass
C: Electric
D: Water

Answer: D
How many types of Pokemon exist?

A: 16
B: 18
C: 20
D: 22

Answer: B
What does Brock call Onigiri so American children can relate?

A: Chips
B: Donuts
C: Cookies
D: Chocolate

Answer: B
What animal in real life is Poliwag based on?

A: Tadpole
B: Rhino
C: Scorpion
D: Flies

Answer: A
Where did Satoshi get the idea of creating Pokemon from?

A: Drinks at a Bar
B: From his dreams
C: A show on the Discovery channel
D: Insects and bugs

Answer: D
Spoiler title
Answer: D
How do you break the disguise of Ditto?

A: Make it cry
B: Make It laugh
C: Hit it
D: Turn your back

Answer: B
Who does the voice of Ash?

A: Halston Sage
B: Kristen Bell
C: Vernoica Taylor
D: Maria Bamford

Answer: C
Pokemon is the only video game franchise to appear on the cover of TIME magazine. What issue had Pokemon on the cover?

A: February 1996
B: May 1997
C: August 1998
D: November 1999

Answer: D
How long are you cursed for if you grab one of the tails of a Ninetales?

A: 350 years
B: 675 years
C: 1000 years
D: 1250 years

Answer: C
How heavy is Snorelax?

A: 120 kg
B: 240 kg
C: 460 kg
D: 940 kg

Answer: C
Which Pokemon has a song that will put everyone to sleep?

A: Metapod
B: Butterfree
C: Weedle
D: Jigglypuff

Answer: D
How many brothers and sisters does Brock have?

A: 7
B: 8
C: 9
D: 10

Answer: C
Who is #1 on the Pokedex?

A: Magneton
B: Weezing
C: Bulbasaur
D: Hoothoot

Answer: C
In the video games, which Pokemon is the oldest?

A: Arceus
B: Skiploom
C: Qwilfish
D: Unown

Answer: A
What does Pikachu evolve into?

A: Pichu
B: Seechu
C: Raichu
D: Doo-Doo

Answer: C
How many members are in the Sqirtle Squad?

A: 4
B: 5
C: 6
D: 7

Answer: B
Who is the tallest final evolution of a starting Pokemon?

A: Venusaur
B: Raichu
C: Slowbro
D: Hydreigon

Answer: A
What letter do most of the Pokemon names start with:

A: D
B: J
C: S
D: Z

Answer: C
In the television show, what was the name of Ash's father?

A: Mark
B: Nobody knows
C: Dave
D: John

Answer: B
How many Pokemon were in the original Pokedex?

A: 49
B: 100
C: 151
D: 202

Answer: C
What Pokemon was trademarked on March 31, 1994?

A: Pikachu
B: Mew
C: Charizard
D: Jigglypuff

Answer: B
What does Sqirtle evolve into?

A: Blastoise
B: Wartortle
C: Cloyster
D: Gothitelle

Answer: B
What company had originally turned down the original idea for Pocket Monsters?

A: Nintendo
B: Sega
C: Hasbro
D: Mattel

Answer: A
What color was Misty's bike?

A: Red
B: Green
C: Orange
D: Brown

Answer: C
When Officer Jenny announces to the citizens of Viridian City that thieves are walking around the city. Who does Jenny see running with a wounded Pikachu in his arms?

A: Brock
B: Ash
C: Misty
D: Professor Oak

Answer: B
The first two Pokemon games on GameBoy in the United States were red and blue. What color were these games in Japan?

A: Red and Blue
B: Green and Purple
C: Red and Green
D: Yellow and Purple

Answer: C
When Ash started his journey as a Pokemon trainer, What legendary Pokemon did he see on his first day?

A: Articuno
B: Zacian
C: Ho-oh
D: Jirachi

Answer: C
What Pokemon is a dark ghost type and has jewels for eyes and razor sharp claws?

A: Spiritomb
B: Iris
C: Sableye
D: Cilan

Answer: C

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