Tomorrow Is Not Promised Quotes

tomorrow is not promised quotes

Tomorrow is not promised quotes – the future is not always certain, especially tomorrow. When thinking of the phrase “Tomorrow is not promised”, it basically means, we never know what tomorrow brings. Plenty of lines touches on this subject. These are just a few interesting “Tomorrow is Not Promised” quotes to think about:

  • “Today is your chance because tomorrow is not promised to anyone.”
    Pauline Seaport
  • “Tomorrow can be better or worse but will never be the same as today.”
    Ash Sweeney
  • “Yesterday’s just a memory, tomorrow is never what it’s supposed to be.”
    Bob Dylan
  • “Tomorrow is not promised to us. Start dancing in the rain and look for your rainbow through the storm clouds. Once you find it, don’t ever let it go.”
    Amelia Hutchins
  • “Here today may be gone tomorrow! Never take anyone or anything for granted! Be sure to count your blessing daily because tomorrow isn’t promised.”
    Surgeo Bell
  • “Tomorrow is never promised, so live for today. Put your ego aside, open your eyes to who and what’s around you. You are loved. You are cared for. You are blessed, always remember that.”
    Junethea Crystal Centeno
  • “Life was short. We weren’t promised tomorrow. Wasting what time we did have on hating others or hating the paths we were given was pointless. We should embrace it and make the best of it.”
    Abbi Glines
  • “There is nothing like the time we have with those we love the most. Every moment is precious because we aren’t promised tomorrow. Hold on to them tight and cherish them while you’re given the chance.”
    N.E. Henderson
  • “You can put things off until tomorrow but tomorrow may never come.”
    Gloria Estefan

More “Tomorrow is Not Promised” Quotes

  • “Live Today! Do not allow your spirit to be softened of your happiness to be limited by a day you cannot have back or a day that does not yet exist.”
    Steve Maraboli
  • “Work while it is called today, for you know not how much you will be hindered tomorrow. One today is worth two tomorrow’s; never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.”
    Benjamin Franklin
  • “Don’t neglect the ones who love you. Tomorrow is promised to no one. Treat people well. Remember what goes around comes around and sometimes even worse.”
    Nishan Panwar
  • “I always say you’ve only got one life to live, and you’re not promised a tomorrow. So, you might as well just have a good time with it.”
    Fantasia Barrino
  • “Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it with the handle of anxiety or the handle of faith.”
    Henry Ward Beecher
  • “Tomorrow is not promised and the past cannot be changed therefore live each day to the fullest and know that every new day is a blessing.”
    Nishan Panwar
  • “Travel beyond the world you know as often as you can, visit the people you care about when given the opportunity, and ALWAYS tell the people you love, you love them. Tomorrow is never promised…”
    Scarlet Koop
  • “When you go through a significant injury and have a major career change, you truly do go one year at a time, and you don’t look past what’s going on now, because you are not sure what’s going to happen. Tomorrow is not promised.”
    Peyton Manning
  • “Tomorrow’s not promised. You may love someone; you may have a grudge because of something that they did to you, and it was unfair, but life’s not fair. Life is very short, so clean up your grudges. Let’s not hold them.”
  • “BE CAREFUL what you say to someone because tomorrow isn’t promised and you CAN’T TAKE THAT BACK.”
    Ritu Ghatourey
  • “I’ll leave the past in the past, Tomorrow’s not promised An’ Today’s just a gift, I guess that’s why it’s called the present.”
    – Joe Budden
  • “Live for today with love and kindness. Live profoundly for tomorrow is promised to no one.”
    Debasish Mridha
  • “Sometimes as a man, you fear what you can’t see. Nobody can predict the future. You don’t know what’s going to happen. Tomorrow’s not promised. The only thing you can do is live your life, hope for the best, continue to have faith, believe in yourself.”
    Michael Vick
  • “I realize we’re not promised tomorrow. Believe me, I realize that. But if God blesses me and lets me stay, I love my life so much, it is such a good life. I am eager to throw myself at His feet, but I don’t want to get on the first busload that is going.”
    Barbara Mandrell
  • “Remember, tomorrow is promised to no one.”
    Walter Payton

Even More Lines on the Uncertainty of Tomorrow

  • “If tomorrow is promised to no one, why do we spend today building the foundation for tomorrow. The future may not be promised, but it may be filled with promise.”
    Nikki DiCaro
  • “Don’t cry for me, just love yourself more today than you did yesterday. It’s true when they say tomorrow isn’t promised and live everyday like it’s your last.”
    Dominique Thomas
  • “Live in the moment. Day by day! Tomorrow isnt promised so if you thought about it … even just for a second … DO IT!”
    B.M. Hardin
  • “Tomorrow is promised to no one. Prioritize today accordingly.”
    Gina Greenlee
  • “If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today?”
    Ray Lewis
  • “Don’t take your health for granted. Don’t take your body for granted. Do something today that communicates to your body that you desire to care for it. Tomorrow is not promised.”
    Jada Pinkett Smith
  • “We have to know that nothing is promise, nothing is guaranteed, especially tomorrow.”
    Chuck Pagano
  • “Sometimes there is no next time, no time-outs, and no second chances. Sometimes it’s now or never.”
    Alan Bennett
  • “Live life like it’s your last day. Make every minute count. For tomorrow is not promised. Live in the moment.”
    Alisha Broughton
  • “Tomorrow isn’t promised to us. So live as if today is your last day on earth. Love like you’ve never loved before. Dream deeper than you’ve ever imagined you could dream. Experience all that your heart desires. If tomorrow you wake and everything still remains, at least your living now!”
    Gregory James Upson

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