• Photo of Good jokes

    Good jokes

    Hey guys, great to have you. This here is a list with good jokes. But what defines a good joke?…

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  • Photo of Math jokes

    Math jokes

    Hello and welcome to math jokes. Here you will find funny, clever, silly and just plain weird jokes about math.…

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  • Photo of Dumb jokes

    Dumb jokes

    Here is a category which consist only of dumb jokes. They are so dumb that they are on the verge…

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  • Photo of Chemistry jokes

    Chemistry jokes

    This list is definitely for science and more specific chemistry interested people. They are both funny and logic. Some will…

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  • Photo of Ford jokes

    Ford jokes

    Which one is best, Chevy or a Ford? The war is on; you can see it on the streets, classrooms,…

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  • Photo of Chevy jokes

    Chevy jokes

    This list is all about Chevy jokes. There has always been a competition, a war, a fight, call it what…

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  • Photo of Cat jokes

    Cat jokes

    I’m not kitten telling you that these cat jokes are hilarious. Did you see what I just did there, I…

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  • Photo of Fathers day jokes

    Fathers day jokes

    Read funny fathers day jokes right here. Yes some of them may be embarrassing or even cringe worthy. Your father…

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  • Photo of Easter jokes

    Easter jokes

    Here are some great Easter jokes. Most of us know Easter as a great festivity with bunny’s, Easter eggs and…

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  • Photo of Halloween jokes

    Halloween jokes

    Trick or Treat – here is a list with hilarious halloween jokes. A great tradition that many people love. Children…

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