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Logic-riddlesLogic can be many things, and not everything is logical for everyone. Several studies indicate that men are more logical than women. If you are a man, try to see how many of these logical riddles you can solve without looking at the solution first. If you are a woman, bring your husband, brother, friend or father and see how many of these logic riddles they can solve. Or simply try them your self. Tell me the result in the comment box below.

A claustrophobic person gets on a train. The train enters a tunnel just as it is leaving the station.
Where is the best place for him to sit?
In the back. The train will be accelerating so it will be going faster when the back of the train enters the tunnel so a person in the back will spend less time in the tunnel.
You fill up a bathtub with water and you have a teaspoon, tablespoon, and fourth cup. What is the fastest way to empty the bathtub?
Just drain the water like always.
A natural state, I'm sought by all.
Go without me, and you shall fall.
You do me when you spend,
and use me when you eat to no end.
Hockey Stick and ball cost $50. If the Stick cost $49 more than the ball.
What is the cost of each ?
Hockey Stick $49.50 & ball $0.50
If a white house is white and a yellow house is yellow, what color is a green house?
A greenhouse is for plants. Therefor it’s made of glass, so it is clear.
Mary gets in the shower, but surprisingly her hair is not wet when she gets out. How is this possible?
She didn’t turn the water on!
A hobo picks up cigarette butts from the ground and can make a cigarette with 4 butts. If he finds 16 cigarette butts, how many cigarettes can he make?
The answer is 5. He makes 4 cigarettes with the 16 butts. Then he smokes them and has 4 more butts to make another cigarette.
Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.
What is it?
A coffin.
Dracula was out getting a drink but his watch was broken so he died.
Dracula is a vampire and it was a solar eclipse but his watch said it was night. So the sun came out after a few minutes killing him.
No matter how terrible things get for the people of the Arctic, they will not eat a penguin.
Why not?
Penguins live in the Antarctic (south), not the Arctic (north).

More Logic riddles

A man is at work when he turns off the light and falls asleep. When he wakes up he discovers that lots of people have died.
What is his profession?
He is a lighthouse keeper.
How many cubic meters of dirt are in a hole of 20 meter long and 30 meter wide?
None, holes are empty.
A man wants to buy a used car. He finds a beautiful Buick for $9500, but he buys it without paying a dime.
How did he manage this?
If he is paying $9500 he wouldn’t use any dimes to pay for it.
Is it legal in New York for a man to marry his widow's sister?
It doesn’t matter, he’s dead.
What gets wetter and wetter the more it dries?
A towel.
A man shaves several times a day, yet he still has a beard.
Who is this man?
He’s a barber.
A man was sitting on his couch and searching for the English Channel.
How did he find it?
Probably a map, it is between England and France.
A kind hearted person Mr. Ronald buy packed food at 3$/packet from United states and sells them at 1$/packet at Africa. After some time he becomes a millionaire.
How come the guy become millionaire?
He started out as a billionaire, but lost so much money in his good works (by giving to poor people) that he became a millionaire.
Six glasses are in a row. The first three are filled with milk and the last three are empty. By moving only one glass, can you arrange them so that the full and the empty glasses alternate?
Pour the milk from glass number 2 into glass number 5.
If you had twenty fish and fourteen of them drowned how many fish would you have left?
Twenty! Fish don’t drown.
Swallowing one is fine.
Swallowing two together is fine.
But Swallow them separately and all shall fall.
What are they?
If you have 30 white socks, 22 black socks, and 14 blue socks scattered across the floor in the dark, how many would you have to grab to get a matching pair?
The answer is 4. Once you grab 4 you will definitely have 2 of the same color.
A Child was born on Lahore, Pakistan.
Still the child is not a Pakistani citizen. Why?
Because he was born before 1947 (before Pakistan exists) and hence is an indian citizen.
Which is correct The yolk of the egg is white or The egg yolk is white?
Neither, egg yolks are yellow.
A certain crime is punishable if attempted but not punishable if committed.
A man is found murdered on the ground with 53 bicycles scattered around the room.
How did he die?
Bicycle is a brand of playing cards, and there are 52 cards in a standard deck. So he was cheating at cards and was murdered.
I am an odd number; take away an letter and I become even. What number am I?
7 (Seven-S=Even).
How do you make the number one disappear by adding to it?
Add the letter ‘G’ and it’s ‘Gone’.
Mr. Smith has two children. If the older child is a boy, what are the odds that the other child is also a boy?
50 percent.
There is a boat crash in the middle of a lake between Canada and the United States. Where do they bury the survivors?
Nowhere, you don’t bury survivors.
How can you throw a ball 20 meters, and have it come back to you without hitting anything?
By throwing it straight up.
If in a car race, the man who came two places in front of the last man finished one ahead of the man who came fifth, how many contestants were there?
The answer is 6.
A man is found dead in a phone booth in a pool of blood. The glass on either end of the phone booth is broken and the phone is hanging. Just outside of the phone booth is a bucket and a rod.
What happened?
The man was a fisherman and was telling somebody on the phone about the large fish he caught. When he used his hands to gesture how big the fish was he hit the glass breaking it and cutting himself.
I am four times as old as my daughter. In 20 years time I shall be twice as old as her. How old are we now?
I am 40 and my daughter is 10.

Great Logic riddles

Tom's mother has three children. The first was named Lucy. The next was named Bella.
What is the final one’s name?
A doctor gives you three pills and tells you to take one every half an hour. How long will the pills last?
One hour. If you take the first pill at 1:00, the second at 1:30, and the third at 2:00, the pills have run out and only an hour has passed.
There's a place in the world where the wind blows south then suddenly north.
Where is it?
The South Pole. Until it reaches the pole it is going south, then as it passes the pole it is going north.
A friend was telling me, 'That he has eight sons and each has one sister.' In total, how many children does my friend have?
Nine (eight sons have the same sister, so 8+1=9).
A man is twenty years old but has only had five birthdays. How is that possible?
He was born on Leap Year Day.
A murderer is condemned to death. He has to choose between three rooms. The first is full of raging fires, the second is full of assassins with loaded guns, and the third is full of lions that haven't eaten in 3 years. Which room is safest for him?
The room with the lions – if they have not eaten in 3 years, they would be dead and thus not be a danger to anyone!
What is greater than God,
more evil than the devil,
the poor have it,
the rich need it,
and if you eat it, you'll die?
The answer is “nothing”.
A man orders a coffee and finds a fly in it. He sends it back and gets another one. But he quickly discovers that they gave him the same coffee that had the fly in it.
How did he know?
He already put sugar in the coffee so when he got it back he could taste it.
The following sentence is false. The preceding sentence is true. Are these sentences true or false?
Neither, it’s a paradox. If the first is true, then the second must be false, which makes the first false.
A Florida man is running down a hall with a piece of paper. The lights flicker and he falls to the ground in tears.
What happened?
He was delivering a pardon for the man about to get the electric chair but it was too late.
I give refuge to the blind and repeat everything they say.
What am I?
A cave, the blind are bats.
A barrel of water weighs 20 pounds.
What must you add to it to make it weigh 12 pounds?
A man in prison has a visitor. Afterward a guard asks the inmate who the visitor was to him. The inmate replies: Brothers and sisters I have none, but that man's father is my father's son. Who was the visitor to the inmate?
The visitor is the inmates son.
A young woman is attending her mother's funeral. While there, she meets a man she has never seen before and falls in love immediately. After the funeral she tries to find him but cannot. Several days later she kills her sister.
Why does she kill her sister?
She killed her sister in hopes that the man would be at the funeral. (Yes a bit morbit, I know).
What goes into the water black and comes out red?
A lobster.
During what month do people sleep the least?
February, it’s the shortest month after all.
You are lost and alone in the woods. You stumble across an old cabin, and decide to stay there for the night. You want some heat and light, but the only things you find in the cabin are a candle, an oil lamp and a wood burning stove. You look in your pocket but you only have one match left. What do you light first?
The match.
If a farmer has 5 chickens, two horses, and a wife.
How many feet are on his farm?
Just four. His wife has two feet, he has two feet, each chicken has two claws, each horse has four hoofs.

Any issue with these logic riddles?

If you had some difficulty solving these logic riddles. Well don’t fret about it. This logic is a bit different what we are used to. Some of the answers is so simple that we actually don’t think about them. We always try to complicate things. So my simple advise to solve riddles as these, is just pick the most simple answer. Don’t overthink it. Hungry for some more riddles? go to the main riddles page and see all the categories we have. And good luck.

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