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    The Quotes

    I welcome you to one of the largest collections of quotes on the web. Here you will find many different quotes divided into separate categories to make it easier to find the quotes you are looking for. Do you love to read quotes or just looking for one, perhaps you want to use one or two for a wedding, or maybe some quotes about love you can share with someone you have feelings for. I add quotes continuously so you always have new ones to read.      

      Edgar Allan Poe Quotes

      Edgar Allan Poe is an American writer and literary critic best known for poetry and short stories, particularly his tales…

      Stephen King Quotes

      Stephen Edwin King (famously known as Stephen King) is an American author known for his  writings in the genres of…

      Mahatma Gandhi Quotes

      Mahatma Gandhi commonly known as “Mahatma” (meaning ‘Great Soul’) was the youngest child of his father’s fourth wife and was…

      Jhumpa Lahiri Quotes

      Jhumpa Lahiri Quotes – Jhumpa Lahiri byname of Nilanjana Sudeshna Lahiri – an English-born American novelist and short-story writer whose…

      Quotes long text

      Star Wars Theme

      The correct term for a quotation reads: “A quote is a repetition of said or written opinion.” In other words, a quote is a repetition of something that already exists; this could be a movie, play, book, etc. We use quotes because it has some significance for us. It affects us in a certain way and gives meaning to life, love and so on.

      Quotes can be short and long but no matter what, every quote have some sort of a truth in them about life, the human evolution, emotions or actions. Every human being could use or be inspired by many of these great quotes and improve their lives by their meaning.

      That said, not every quote is great, some of them are funny, stupid or just terrible that no one can understand them. Fortunately for us, only the more significant quotes survive through time. On this site you will find many different quotes divided in their individual categories. Use the search bar in the upper right corner to find the category you would like to read or just pick it in the main menu.

      Quotes and understanding them

      Quotes like much else can have different meanings. A simple quote can mean something completely different than what you first assumed. How to interpret the quote depends on the person himself, most of them are thankfully straightforward and understandable for all. The slightly more “cryptic” of quotations can create some headaches, one can get several different meanings out of a quote. Let us take one that may well create some confusion. As an example, I will use one of Søren Kierkeggards quotes which reads: “Life must be understood backwards but must be lived forwards” Picture of Søren Kierkeggard

      Let’s boil it down so everyone can follow. This quotes means that you have to live your life as it happens and not plan it in advance. In other famous words Carpe Diem (seize the moment). Live your life one day at a time, live it great and do not miss any opportunities or you will regret it later.

      Many people read several quotes every day; they do it for a reason, because they want to improve their lives. Many quotes are incredible inspiring when it comes to how to live, how to act and treat others. Various studies show that people who read a minimum one quote every day, feel better and it has an effect of minimizing stress. I urge all to read quotes once in a while.

      If you are interested, you can read the definition of quote: right here

      Quote categories

      I currently have 41 different categories with quotes. This part of the site is far from finished; I will continuously update it with new quotes in the already created categories and add new categories in the future. Below you will find a brief description of all quote categories I have on the page.

      Famous quotes: Famous Quotes usually comes from people who had a certain importance in the world. These could be former presidents, writers and so on. Here you can find many quotes of inspiration, motivation and just advice on how to become a better person.

      Short quotes: Quotes do not have to be long in order to contain some wisdom. Even the smallest quotes can make sense and really be significant. Indeed many of the smallest quotes really have some great things to say.

      Inspirational quotes: Inspiration is something we all need once in a while. Here you find many different inspiration quotes you can take with you. Use them to move forward and see things from a totally different perspective.

      Motivational quotes: Motivation is an internal process that makes a person move toward a goal. Sometimes that motivation dwindle a bit, motivation is a great method to get that specific person back on track. So he og she can reach their goal.

      Leadership quotes: Being a leader means that you have to lead other people. It requires training, practice and knowledge to be a good leader. Here you can read great quotes from leaders around the world where they give you, the advice in their own way.

      Steve jobs quotes: Steve Jobs was the founder and CEO of Apple. He was a man with a dream and a vision. He wanted to create something never seen before, and he succeeded. His journey to achieve that goal, has not been easy, but many times it is the journey that matters more than the goal itself.

      Love quotes: Love is something we all experience in our lives. Love can be many different things. Love for one’s family, best friend, or girlfriend, love has many different feelings. Here is a long list of quotes about love.

      Positive quotes: Life is not always beautiful and amazing. Sometimes it’s hard, there are many obstacles and it’s not fun. How do you look at the world is entirely up to you. You can be angry and irritated or you can take one day at a time and enjoy everything about it.

      Business quotes: Running a business can be fun, but also difficult and quite stressful. You must take care of yourself and others. This list offers you great business quotes you can take with you to work and share with others.

      Coffee quotes: Coffee is a beverage that many of us drink. We drink it in the morning, in the evening and everything in between. Coffee as anything can be different in quality, while these coffee quotes are pure gold.

      Cool quotes: Cool is a term that refers to style, attitude, charisma, and action of people. But what is it, that makes something cool? Read these quotes and find out what the word “cool” means to you.

      Women quotes: Strong and independent women who speak their minds. Here is a list of most influential women in the world and their quotes many can learn from. I am talking about women like Oprah, Margaret Hamilton, Anna Fisher, Simone Segouin, etc.

      Travel quotes: To travel is to experience. Seeing other countries, cultures and people through the television is definitely not the same as being there. Many miss this opportunity to develop themselves as people and see the world with different eyes.

      Peter pan quotes: A mischievous young boy who can fly and never grows up, spends almost all his time in Neverland. A fantasy character created by Scottish novelist J. M. Barrie. A tale loved by many children and adults.

      Freedom quotes: Freedom is a human right. Unfortunately, not all people are free in this world. The strong exploit the weak. We need to help each other, it’s a disaster when some loose their freedom or never experience it.

      Sad quotes: Sad quotes shows how much there can be wrong in this world. However, there is always something we can do about it. Being sad is some times what our body needs. This way we also see more positive on the good things.

      Letting go quotes: Letting go can be very difficult, especially when it comes to someone you love. Some times there’s unfortunately no other choice but to let go and move on.

      One tree hill quotes: One Tree Hill is a series created back in 2003 and ran throughout 9 seasons. A love drama that had basketball as a theme.

      Beauty quotes: Beauty are many things and may be seen in various ways. Beauty is not necessarily the same in all countries. Remember that personality is also a beauty which many unfortunately overlook.

      Friendship quotes: Friendship is something you have to take good care of. You are there for them as they are there for you. They support you in your hard times and are happy with you in happy times.

      Spring quotes: Winter is usually cold, dark and sometimes sad. Some people get depressed over winter. Spring is therefore incredibly good for us humans. The sun begins to warm and the flowers begin to grow. Read many great quotes about spring here.

      Cute quotes: Cute quotes can be about anything. Did you have a bad day, maybe feeling a little tired or upset. These cute quotes is a great way to become happy again.

      J Cole quotes: Jermaine Lamarr Cole or known as J Cole, born in 1985. Is an American rapper and record producer. 9th of February 2016 he was certified Platinum by the RIAA. He sold 1.1 million copies in the U.S alone in the begining of February 2016.

      Depressing quotes: Quotes for depression helps to show how serious depression really is. These quotations come from people who have been down the black hole, they have been depresive and here you get their thoughts.

      Family quotes: Family is one of the most important thing to have in life. You do not choose which family you are born into. But you can always make your own in the future. Stand by your family and they will stand by you always.

      Moving on quotes: Moving on can be hard sometimes. Unfortunately, this is sometimes what’s needed before you can get on with your own life. Read about moving on quotes right here.

      Quotes to live by: Sometimes we need to change our lives, to be better as humans. Here is a list where you can read many different quotes to live by. They are inspiring and very educational. They can help those who are looking to become a better person.

      Quotes about love: Quotes about love is about what it’s like to fall in love, to love and sometimes how it is to lose someone you love. All in all, these quotes are something we all have tried in our lives.

      Best friend quotes: Friendship is fantastic, but to have a best friend is even better. They will always be there for you. Read the amazing best friend quotes right here.

      Quotes about life: Life is a mystery. Some are rich while others are poor. Some are happy others are sad. There are many obstacles in life, life will only be better especially when you have experienced many different things.

      Retirement quotes: Retirement is something we get when we have earned it. After many years in the labor market retirement as a parting gift. Here you have all the time in the world to spend on what you want.

      Depression quotes: Depression is a disease which is difficult to see. A person may be depressed without others knowing about it. It is something that has to be cured and the person needs help, depression is not something that goes over itself.

      Ferris bueller quotes: Ferris Bueller is the name of the main character in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). The movie is about teenagers, their lives, thoughts and actions. A comedy with many good quotes.

      Basketball quotes: Many great basketball stars have expressed themselves which today has become classic quotes. Stars such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Kobe Bryant and many more.

      Quotes about strength: Strength can be measured and viewed in many different ways. We are not talking about physical strength but such strength to overcome obstacles in life. To endure and fight through life’s tough times.

      Birthday quotes: Birthday is something we celebrate every year, ourself and others. We are there to celebrate every year in their lives. We are there to remind ourselves and others that life is a gift and not to waste it.

      Breakup quotes: A breakup can be peaceful thing while other times it is very messy. No matter what both parties suffer when they breakup. Here is a list of good breakup quotes.

      Good morning quotes: It is important to have a good morning, so the rest of the day will be the same. Do you have difficulty to get up in the morning, perhaps these good morning quotes could help you in the future mornings.

      Bullying quotes: Bullying exists everywhere, among children but also adults in the workplace. It is always the strong bullying the weak, people who are bullied can become mentally injured. We must do everything to stop bullying.

      Thinking of you quotes: You can think of your family, those you love but also of dreams, either one you’ve had at night or those you will live out in the future.

      Love quotes for her: There are many different love quotes. Some are obviously better than others and the best of them are being used constantly. These love quotes are specially dedicated to women.

      Notebook quotes: Notebook is a movie (2004) based on a book. Played by Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling as main characters. The movie is about forbidden love and how to overcome it. It contains so many and great quotes that still to this day quotes are used by many.




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