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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the vast ocean of quotes websites. Let me tell you a little about my self and this project.

Hi guys, my name is Alexander, thanks for visiting my site. The site where I hope to give you the quotes you´re looking for. The idea for this website came to me back in 2015; I thought to create a website with quote for those who might enjoy them. But it was first in late 2016 I took the decision to make it.

There is millions of different quotes out there, some are good others are bad and some are plain brilliant. Most of us have a quote or two we use now and again, we here other people use them in different ways. Quotes are great to show one different feelings, opinions, regrets and decisions. One can say that a quote can change someone’s life. I am here to serve you exactly those quotes that matter most.

We hear many quotes from our parent when we are children. They use quotes to learn us different thing, teachers, leaders, coaches etc. use quotes in great style, to motivate and inspire others. To strive and achieve something beyond our reach.

I girl that feel her heart is broken because a guy just broke up with her, she may comfort herself with love or breakup quotes. Those will show her that it is not the end of life. That time will heal all wound and there is many fish in the sea.

No matter what, there is a quote for everything, sorrow, happiness, love, depression, friendships and so on…

I myself got a few favorite quotes and here is a funny one for you:

“He who goes to bed with itchy butt, wakes up with smelly finger.”
– Sun Tzu quote

What is the-quotes.com

The-quotes.com is a place for you to explore the amazing world of quotes. Quotes that will give you advice help you to make a decision, to show you how to live a better live and enjoy every single day.
As I said before, there is literally millions of different quotes, and it is impossible to have them all. Many of them looks alike and some are just not worthy of mentioning.

I have organized all the quotes in their respective categories, that way I´m sure to server you an easy way to find the quotes or categories you seek for. To make it even easier, I´ve added a search bar in the upper right side of the website. Here you can search directly for a specific genre or category you like to see.

The world of quotes is a huge one. I will therefor constantly expand this site with new quotes. My goal with this project is to give you pleasure and enjoyment you may find in every string of word in a quote. If there is a need for specific genre you cannot find on this site, then do not hesitate to write me about your wishes.

Here is the currently quotes categories

Goalsetting for the future

I am a very structured guy, I therefor must have a vision and mission to have a clear picture or a goal I can strive to achieve. Here are my plans:

My vision for this website is to be one of the greatest deliverances of quotes out there.
My dream is to get this site among the other behemoth quote sites out there.

To achieve my vision, I have a crucial plan to follow:

  • Continuously add more quotes and categories
  • Increase the usability of the website
  • Include the visitors like you to participate in submitting quotes and thereby create a big family with all those who enjoy quotes now and again.
  • Be more visible on the social sites life FB, twitter etc.

12/24/2020 is the date where I would like to see that I, along with the website and all visitors reach that goal.

The-quotes.com are financed by advertising

As you may know, nothing is free in this world. It takes both time and money to maintain and grow this site. I decided to make use of banner ads and visible advertising blocks.


Please feel free to contact me by mail. This can be done via the website contact form. I strive to answer every inquiry within 24 hours.

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