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ford-jokesWhich one is best, Chevy or a Ford? The war is on; you can see it on the streets, classrooms, between colleagues and even bumper stickers. This list is all about funny Ford jokes. If you are a Ford owner don’t be mad, everybody makes mistakes. Just remember this is only fun and I don’t take sides. For those who likes Chevy’s we also got som great jokes for you: Chevy jokes. Enjoy.

    • What do you call a Ford with dual exhausts?
      A wheelbarrow.
    • What does the GT stand for on a Ford?
      Glued together!
    • What do you call a Ford at the top of a Hill?
      A Miracle.
    • Why does the new Ford Escape parallel park itself?
      Because white trash can only trailer park!
    • What’s the difference between a ford and a Mormon?
      You can shut the door on a Mormon!
    • Why Pokemon Go a lifesaver?
      Because it gives Ford owners something to do while they walk home.
    • What is the Ford owner’s most ardent wish?
      To buy a car.
    • Why does a ford and a tin can have in common?
      They both rust just as far.
    • How long can a ford go for with out repairs?
      Depends if you can leave the ford dealer.
    • What do you call two Fords at the top of a hill?
      A mirage.
    • What do you call a Ford with 200,000 miles on it?
      A lie.
    • Driving a ford is like the special Olympics.
      Even if you win your still a retard.
    • What did the Toyota say to the Ford?
      Would you like a tow home?
    • What do you call a Ford with a seat belt?
      A rucksack.
    • Friends don’t let friends drive Fords.
    • How do you double the value of a Ford Focus?
      Full the tank with petrol.
    • Why is this country so far in debt?
      Because the president drives a Ford.
    • What’s worse then a missing toilet bowl?
      Driving a Ford.
    • What should the Ford Mustang really be called?
      The Ford Rustang.
    • Why did the chicken cross the road?
      To push he’s FORD F150 back into the dealer’s show room.
    • Why do the new FORD Explorers have larger bumpers?
      To make it easier on the towe trucks.
    • What was the first car Henry Fordasaurus invented?
      A Model T-Rex.
    • What is the difference between a Ford and a porcupine?
      Porcupines have pricks on the outside.

More Ford jokes

    • Why do they fit heated tail gates to luxury Ford trucks?
      To keep your hands warm when you pushed them.
    • Why didn’t the chicken cross the road?
      Because his F150 got stuck.
    • Why are FORD dealers giving away a dog with each FORD sold?
      So the owner has a companion to walk home with.
    • What did the Toyota say to the Ford on the side of the road?
    • What is the difference between a Ford and a tampon?
      A tampon comes with it’s own tow rope.
    • Why are the latest Fords so aerodynamically designed?
      It improves the Chevy tow truck’s fuel consumption.
    • What is the aim of a Ford concept car?
      An attempt to keep their car running.
    • Why do they fit ABS braking systems to the latest Fords?
      So the driver can stop quicker to pick up the fallen off parts.
    • How can they improve a Ford Focus?
      Put a Toyota engine in it.
    • Why do they put sidewalks beside most streets and highways?
      So FORD owners have a safe place to walk home.
    • What’s the difference between a Ford and the principal’s office?
      It’s less embarrassing if your friends see you leaving the principal’s office.
    • What is the difference between a Ford and a shopping trolley?
      A shopping trolley is much easier to push.
    • How do you make a Ford go faster downhill?
      Turn off the engine.
    • What’s the difference between a golfball and a Ford?
      A golf ball can be driven 300 yards.
    • Why does Ford make tractors and Opel not?
      Because Opel can’t get anything to run that slow.
    • What do the new speed limit signs say on our suburban roads?
      Max speed – 60 km/h – Fords do best you can.
    • What goes on pages 4-5 of the Ford’s user’s manual?
      The train & bus schedule.
    • What’s better, a Ford or a Chevy?
      Who cares. Will it get me to Walmart?
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