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Disney Pick Up Lines

disney pick up linesDo you have someone that you like but you are afraid to tell them? Sometimes in life, all that it takes to find your one true love is through magical words and lines, and what’s more magical than Disney Pick Up Lines!  Lucky for you,as an avid lover of all things Disney,  I’ve created a list of Disney pick-up lines that might not get you a date, but they’ll at least get you a few laughs. That’s better than nothing right?

Here are some of the best Disney pick-up lines that are full of humor and will take you and your special someone  to a whole new world!

    • If I were Peter Pan, you would be my happy thought.
    • Am I a Beast? Because you’re definitely a Beauty.
    • I just saw our lives flash before my eyes in ten minutes. We are destined to be together.
    • I’m so lost in your eyes, I’m like Nemo.
    • Are you Buzz Lightyear? Because you take love to infinity and beyond.
    • Woah, girl are you from France because madamn.
    • I’d show you the world, but I’m sure you own a mirror.
    • You are worth melting for.
    • Could you help me? I’m late for a very important date with you.
    • All this ice but you still melted my heart.
    • I will go the distance for you any day.
    • Can you feel the love tonight?
    • Is your name Ariel? Because I think we mermaid for each other.
    • Whether Jafar or Ja-close, I will always be yours.
    • Call me Pooh because all I want is you, honey.”
    • There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms.
    • Hey girl, are you Woody from Toy Story? Because I feel like as soon as I walk into the room you pretend to not be alive.
    • Do you wanna know how I can make a fairy moan? All I need to do is Tink’er’bell. 
    • You said you were looking for the girl with the glass slipper but baby boy I can be your Cinderella ella ella eh eh.

Aladdin Disney Pick Up Lines

    • Allow me be a thief and steal your heart. 
    • Girl, I would like to introduce my jinn. 
    • Can you be my Aladdin and explore your cave of wonders?
    • If you were mine, I would take you wonder by wonder. 
    • If you didn’t have a mirror, I’d show you my world.
    • Hey baby, will you come to my cave of wonders so that you rub my lamp?
    • If you were my Aladdin, I would be your magic carpet and ride you all night long. 
    • Can we get out of this place and have some wild ride?
    • I am asking for just one night with me and you will know what it means to have a whole new world.
    • Have you ever tried kissing on the carpet; it’s a whole new world. 
    • It’d be nice to trust me like Aladdin trusts Jasmine. 
    • Hey Jasmine, can I ask, does the magic carpet match the drapes?
    • If we get out of here, I can show you how the world is shining shimmering splendid. 
    • Please allow me call you Aladdin because I want to show you a whole new world.
    • Hey Aladdin, is that a lamp I feel or are you just happy to see me?
    • Can I get into your cave of wonders?
    • Do you wanna rub my lamp?
    • Go ahead and rub my lamp, I’ll make all your wishes come true
    • I say forget Aladdin, I’m thinking bout Jasmine’s carpet.

Best Disney Pick Up Lines

    • I think you’re a girl worth fighting for.
    • Winter´s a good time to stay in and cuddle. Wanna try it with me?
    • Damn, you take love to infinity and beyond.
    • You are so Hans-some.
    • My name isn’t Sully, but you could be my Boo.
    • Your body is a wonderland, and I’d like to be Alice.
    • You must be Pumbaa ’cause baby — I’ve got no worries.
    • You must be Cinderella, because I see that dress disappearing by midnight.
    • I’m not Fairy Godmother but my magic wand will definitely make your dreams come true.
    • Oh, Oobee Doo, I wanna be with you. I wanna walk with you, talk with you, it’s true.
    • There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms.
    • I can take you to infinity and beyond.
    • Are you Dash from Incredibles? Because I swear it´s not usually that fast.
    • I can say you aren’t cute, but I’d be lion.
    • I lie only because they used to call me the Lion King.
    • You Make My Heart Soar Higher Than Pixie Dust.
    • I’m having a really bad day and it always makes me fell better when I see a pretty girl smile so would you smile for me?
    • Let’s test.. is it true love’s kiss?
    • You want to talk about a problem? I sell ice for a living. Would you be my Elsa and help me?
    • Thank you! Elsa has frozen my heart but once I saw you, it finally melted.
    • Snow glows white on the mountain tonight… Not a footprint to be seen.

Quirky Disney Pick Up Lines 

Like any other franchise, there is a good share of dirty disney pick up lines here and there. Still a few of them can be quite the laugh too, though, try not to use too many of them in real life. Here are some you can read for a giggle though: 

    • Hey Beauty, why dont I show you my Beast?
    • I’m like a Disney DVD, enhanced with Fast Play
    • Hey Minnie, wanna see my polka dot bed sheets?
    • Hey my name’s Mickey, and I promise there isn’t anything Minnie about me.
    • Wanna go for a wild ride baby? I’m a bottom
    • Hey Cinderella, call me at midnight cause I’ll come over and make your dress disappear.
    • Don’t you worry Cinderella, I can get you home before the clock strikes midnight
    • Can I take a trip to your forbidden west wing?
    • I’d like to take a trip down your rabbit hole
    • I promise you, if you spend one night with me, you’ll spend more time in bed than Sleeping Beauty.
    • Shall we make our own circle of life?
    • Do you wanna play with my Woody?
    • Wanna play Pinnochio? All you gotta do is sit down and I’ll tell lies
    • So, do you got a name that goes with all those rippling pectorals?
    • Damn girl, I must be Lighting McQueen cause you’ve got my heart racing.
    • Oh, a magic carpet isn’t the only thing you’re riding tonight
    • Give me a Woody and I can make you Buzz for light years
    • You only got to ask and I could show you my bare necessities
    • Hey there, I’m the eighth dwarf, Sexy
    • Hi hoe! Hi hoe! It’s off to my place we go!

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