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As we already know, Peter pan is one of the great Disney classics that you cannot stop seeing over and over again, and it is impossible not to get caught up in the adventures and bravery of this boy and his gang of lost children. That is why this time we bring you a Peter pan quiz expert level that you must answer perfectly to prove that you are a great connoisseur of this great Disney story. Do you accept the challenge and want to be the best connoisseur of neverland? Well go ahead and answer this quiz!

1. What is the name of the friend of Peter pan and the lost children?
- Lucy
- Wendy
- Margaret
- Mary

Answer: Wendy
2. What did Peter Pan leave in Wendy's room?
- His hat
- Tinker Bell
- His marbles
- His shadow

Answer: His shadow
3. What is the last name of Wendy and her siblings?
- Darling
- Liddel
- Davies
- Bennet

Answer: Darling
4. What are Wendy's brothers called?
- Josh and Michael
- John and Michael
- James and John
- Michael and Jim

Answer: John and Michal
5. What is the name of the island where Peter Pan lives?
- Neverland
- Magic Island
- Aqualand
- Magic Kingdom

Answer: Neverland
6. Who cut off Captain Hook's hand?
- Cubby
- Tinker bell
- Peter Pan
- Nibs

Answer: Peter pan
7. Why did Peter Pan choose Wendy's house and her siblings?
- By chance
- Because they found it nice
- because they believed in
- because I have known them for a long time

Answer: because they believed in
8. How long does Peter Pan banish Tinker Bell from Neverland?
- one month
- one week
- one year
- one day

Answer: one week
9. Where is the entrance to the hideout of Peter Pan and the lost children?
- Blind man's Bluff
- Mermaid Lagoon
-Hangman's Tree
-Cannibal Cove

Answer: Hangman’s Tree
10. With what instruments did Peter catch his shadow?
- with a bar of soap
-with super glue
- with a needle and thread
- With kite string

Answer: with a bar of soap
11. In which London neighborhood does the Darling family live?
- Bloomsbury
- Kensington
- Paddington
- Westminster

Answer: Bloomsbury
12. Which member of the Darling family wears tophat?
- Wendy
- Michael
- George
- John

Answer: John
13. What kind of dog does the Darling family have as a pet?
- Saint Bernard
- Collie
- Bulldog
- Golden Retriever

Answer: Saint Bernard
14. What is the first thing Peter pan says to Wendy?
- Girls talk a lot
- Mother? What is a mother?
- I came to hear the stories
- Well, get on with it

Answer: Girls talk a lot
15. Which of the lost children is second in command?
- Tootles
- Nibs
- Cubby
- Slightly

Answer: Slightly
16. What is the youngest of the Darling brothers?
- Wendy
- James

Answer: Michael
17. What can't Mr. Darling find before going to the party?
- His Golden Cufflinks
- His socs
- His watch
- His shoes

Answer: His Golden Cufflinks
18. What is Captain Hook afraid of?
- To the darkness
- To the crocodiles
- To the heights
- Sea

Answer: To the crocodiles
19. With what weapon did the pirates try to kill Peter Pan?
- to mousetrap
- with poison gas
- with a knife
- with a time bomb (correct answer)

Answer: – with a time bomb
20. Tiger Lilly is a princess of which tribe?
- Piccaninny tribe
- Wanapokee tribe
- Wamapokee tribe
- Picadilly tribe

Answer: Piccaninny tribe
21. How did Tinker bell call Wendy?
- Wendy Bitch
- Wendy cat
- Wendy Bird
- Wendy Snake

Answer: Wendy Bird
22. What color is Mr. Smee's shirt?
- Blue and white
- Red and white
- Black and white
- Yellow and white

Answer: Blue and white
23. Who was the character that said: I have a strange feeling that I have seen that ship before?
- Mr darling
- Wendy
- Captain Hook
- Mrs. Darling

Answer: Mr darling
24. How old is Peter Pan?
- 13
- 10
- 14
- 12

Answer: 10
25. What is the name of the fairy that accompanies Peter Pan?
- Tinker Bell
- Tooth Fairy
- Fauna
- Flora

Answer: Tinker Bell
26. What does Peter Pan use to fly the Darling brothers?
- Magic
- Fairy Dust
- Faith
- none

Answer: Fairy Dust
27. What is the name of the pirate hideout in Neverland?
- Black Haven
- Black Cove
- Skull Rock
- Skull Island

Answer: Skull Rock
28. Making it clear that children can live without rules and responsibility, what other peculiarity does the island of Neverland have?
- Children do not become adults
- Pirates are good
- Mermaids have two heads
- Crocodiles speak

Answer: Children do not become adults
29. What is the name of the ship where Captain Hook is traveling?
- The jolly rancher
- The jolly robber
- The jolly rover
- The jolly roger

Answer: The jolly roger
30. What lost child wears a skunk costume?
- Slightly
- Tootles
- Nibs
- Cubby

Answer: Tootles
31. What directions does Peter Pan give Wendy to get to Neverland?
- Fly to the top of the sky and then turn in the second star on the right, flying towards dawn.
- Fly to the top and turn on the Pole Star until sunset.
- Fly to the top of the sky and turn on the first star on the right and directly into the sun.
- Did not give directions

Answer: Fly to the top of the sky and then turn in the second star on the right, flying towards dawn.
32. How many mermaids are there in the Peter Pan movie scene?
- 6
- 3
- 5
- 4

Answer: 6
33. How many missing children are there?
- 8
- 7
- 5
- 6

Answer: 6
34. What place does Peter pan visit regularly to visit the mermaids?
- Skull Rock
- Mermaid Lagoon
- Cannibal bay
- Pirate Island

Answer: Mermaid Lagoon
35. What is the name of the first mate of the hook capital ship?
- Mr. Joy
- Mr. Smith
- Mr. Smee
- Mr. James

Answer: Mr. Smee
36. Who does Peter take Wendy to meet?
- Mermaids
- Elves
- Unicorns
- fairies

Answer: Mermaids
37. Why do parents move wendy from the nursery?
-She was fighting with her brothers
- it was time for her to grow up
- she couldn't sleep in the nursery
She was sleepwalking across the room.

Answer: it was time for her to grow up
38. Where do they take Nana after wendy's dad got upset with her?
- to the other room
- outside
- to the kitchen
- to the bathroom

Answer: outside
39. Where was Peter Pan's shadow hiding?
- in a drawer
- under the bed
- in the closet
- in the kitchen

Answer: in a drawer
40. What did she do tinker bell when Wendy kissed Peter Pan?
- I hit her
- I push her
- she pulled her hair
-she started crying

Answer: she pulled her hair

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