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Disney Quiz – Disney has a lot of movies that have stolen our hearts, they always come with a good story, teaching, and a happy ending. It is impossible to deny that someone has not seen even one of these great classics, if you are a lover of the magical world of Disney, this time we bring you this Disney quiz that will test your knowledge about the great classics of the industry. Do not feel bad if you do not get some questions correct, since later you will know the correct answer and you will have more knowledge of your favorite movies and characters. Also, make sure to read our articles on some of the funniest Disney pick-up lines through time.

secret disney quiz

1. Which Disney princess is not royalty:

– Cinderella

– Belle

– Mulan (correct answer)

– Ariel

2. Why do the wolves decide that Mowgli should leave the pack?

– Because they wanted to eat it

– Because Shere Kahn hates humans (correct answer)

– Because Bagheera was not the same

– Because they didnt like Mowgli

3. What is the name of Cinderella’s stepmother?

– Lady Truman

– Lady Di

– Lady Tremaine (Correct answer)

– Lady Marshall

4. What is the name of the Son of the Skunk Flower in the Bambi movie?

– Flower Jr.

– Fenix

– Bambi (correct answer)

– Loki

5. What was the name of the hunter who tries to kill Snow White?

– Donald

– Robert

– Humbert (correct answer)

– Carl

6. At the beginning of the movie, what special event does Ariel miss?

– A concert (correct answer)

– His father’s birthday

– A coronation

– Celebrating your birthday

7. According to her mother, what is Rapunzel’s favorite soup?

– Potato soup

– hazelnut soup (correct answer)

– onion soup

– Carrot soup

8. What is the name of the pizzeria that appears in the movie Toy Story

– planet pizza (correct answer)

– pizza land

– pizza earth

– Pizza hut

9. What were the names of Princess Aurora’s parents:

– King Arthur and Queen Elizabeth

– King Stefan and queen Flower (correct answer)

– King Phillip and Queen Aurora

– King Humberto and Spring Queen

10. Who was the one who granted Geppetto’s wish to have a child?

– Jiminy Cricket

– the blue fairy (correct answer)

– The genie of the lamp

– Pinocchio

And here comes some of my favorite Disney Quiz questions – a bit more difficult

Difficult Disney Quiz questions

11. What is the name of the lady’s owners in the lady and the tramp?

– Jaime and Lily

– Robert and Danielle

– Belle and Gaston

– Jim and darling (correct answer)

12. What was Mushu’s job after being demoted by the ancestors into Mulan?

– was guardian

– illuminate with a flashlight

– play the gong (correct answer)

– sweep the patio

13. What is the name of the kitten that appears in Alice in Wonderland:

– Dinah (correct answer)

– Dana

– Whiskers

– Mimi

14. What are the names of Wendy’s brothers in Peter Pan?

– Josh and Edward

– Gabe and Daniel

-John and Michael (correct answer)

– Dante and James

15. What are Hades’s helpers called in the underworld?

– Dread and Fear

– Hysteria and fear

– Panico y pain (correct answer)

– Fear and anger

16. What is the first animal that appears in the lion king?

– a tiger

– a rhinoceros (correct answer)

– a giraffe

– an antelope

17. What is the end of Yzma in the follies of the emperor

– Ends dead

– turns into a cat (correct answer)

– Falls down a waterfall

– stays with the empire

18. What animal does not mention Pocahontas in colors in the wind?

– Wolf

– Moose (correct answer)

– a wildcat

– a lynx

19. What does Prince John do when he gets angry at Robin Hood?

– he cries

– he sings

– He eats his nails

– he licks his finger (correct answer)

Funny Questions about the Disney Universe

20. Which animal is not mentioned as one of Prince Ali’s pets during his entrance song:

– Tiger (correct answer)

– Lion


– Camel

21. in which part of the castle did the beast hide the rose?

– in the south wing

– in the east wing

– in the west wing (correct answer)

– in the balcony

22. Which princess had the fewest lines in her entire movie?

– Princess Ariel

– Princess Aurora (correct answer)

– Princess Belle

– Princess Merida

23. What animal accompanied Rapunzel on her trip?

– a chameleon (correct answer)

– a dog

– a fish

– a horse

24. What is the name of the prince of the little mermaid?

– Prince Daniel

– Prince Philip

– Prince Eric (correct answer)

– Charming prince

25. What animal does Yzma turn Kuzco into?

– A Chicken

– A Llama ( correct answer)

– A horse

– A snake

26. How many dwarfs come out in snow white?

– 6

– 4

– 3

– 7 (correct answer)

27. what was the name of the fairies of Aurora?

– Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather (correct answer)

– Flower, Flora, Autumn

– Fauna, Merryweather, and spring

– Spring, autumn, and Fauna

28. What was Walt Disney’s favorite scene?

– When the fairy transforms Cinderella for the dance (correct answer)

– The death of Mufasa

– The kiss of Aurora and Phillip

– Prince’s dance with Cinderella

29. Until what time was Cinderella allowed to be at the dance?

– 12:00 (correct answer)

– 11:00

– 09:00

– 08:00

30. Why did Mulan decide to replace his father in the war?

– Because his father was sick (correct answer)

– Because it was what she wanted

-Because she was upset with her mother and grandmother

-Because she liked the sword

10 last questions in the Disney Quiz

31. What was Bella’s favorite activity?

– Dance

– Sing

– Read books (correct answer)

– To sleep

32. What was the name of the candelabrum from Beauty and the Beast?

– Giuseppe

– Lumiere (correct answer)

– Lights

– it had no name

33. What did Ariel have to give up to have legs?

– Her hands

– her eyes

-Her voice (correct answer)

– Her hair

34. Whose Son Hercules?

– Archimedes

– Poseidon

– Hades

– Zeus (correct answer)

35. What was the name of Cinderella’s stepmother’s cat?

– Dan

– Angel

– Lucifer (correct answer)

– Devil

36. How many daughters do King Triton have:

– 7 (correct answer)

– 5

– 4

– 1

37.How many tentacles did Dory’s friend have in the movie Finding Dory?

– 8

– 7 (correct answer)

– 5

– 9

38. What place do Carl and Ellie dream of visiting in Up?

-Paradise Falls (correct answer)

– Paris

– Rome

– Athens

39. What was the name of Marlin’s wife in Searching for Nemo?

– Megan

– Coral (correct answer)

– Dory

– Lucy

40. What was the name of the forgotten town where lightning mcqueen is stranded

– Route 64

– Radiator Springs (correct answer)

– Cars Springs

– Route 66

I hope you enjoyed the Dusney Quiz – If you have Disney Quiz questions we can add please write them as a comment below.

And of course you can always find more about Disney on their official homepage here.

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